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Laotian Stews and Soups

While growing up in Hawaii, my mother would always made us some kind of stew or soup for lunch or dinner. The popular stew that I grew up loving are known as Aom, Aor, Gang, or Sua.  Aom and Aor is like a thick stew consist of varieties of veggies and meat. Popular for Aom and Aor are beef and chicken (See picture below). Another popular soup is the Gang Som Gai, a chicken soup w. herbs, tomatoes, lemon grass, lime leaves and galangha, this dish is really good over steam rice. The most popular soup is the Gang Nor Mai. It is a bamboo soup consist of bamboo, varieties of mushrooms, and even quail eggs (See picture below). One of my very favorite is the Sua Gai, it’s like a brothy Larb version. In this dish it has shredded chicken, small amount of chicken stock broth, cilantro, green onions, mint, rice powder and lime. This dish pairs perfectly w. sticky rice. You make this like Laotian chicken larb, except u add broth to it. Gotta try it, if you haven’t yet =).

List of other Stew and Soups:

Gang Jued, Aom Hoy, Tom Kem (Tom Palo), Gang Mala Yut Sai, Gang Kao Laow Hang Ngua, and more to update.


Varieties of Som Tum

Som Tum is well known in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. For Laotians we call it Tum Som, Som Tum or Tum Mak Hoong. This is a type of salad that is infused with homemade fish sauce, tomatoes, chilli peppers, garlic, sugar, msg (optional) and lime. Some people wants it more authentic and they will some time add tamarind paste, shrimp paste or crab paste. This is all base on tasting preferences.  You can pretty much make anything to salad hehe. What I made so far were papaya salad, cucumber salad, green banana salad, string bean salad, noodle salad, carrot salad, guava salad, raw tamarind salad, sour plum salad, sour apple salad, lemon grass salad w. thick tamarind paste, gooseberry salad, mango salad and Santol fruit salad.  I mean you name it.  Som Tum/TumSom in actual translation means “Pound Sour” Pound together the sour is really what it means.

Below are just a few of the Som Tum that I made

Varieties of Laotian Dipping Sauce

When it comes down to Laotian food, I need Jaew aka dipping sauce w. pretty much all of my dish. I love it w. sticky rice especially. My favorites ones are the Sour Bamboo sauce (Jaew Naw Mai Som), Mushroom Sauce (Jaew Het), Bamboo Sauce (Jaew Naw Mai) and I also like the Roast Tomatoes sauce (Jaew Mak Len, not picture here). Below are a few images of what I cooked up.

Below Image is Jaew mak som, for sour or pickled fruits.

Home Made Kao Poon by MsMali

What is Kao Poon?

Kao Poon or also known as Ka Nom Jeen by the Thai people is a vermicelli noodle soup infused w. red curry paste and coconut milk. There are many ways you can make Kao poon, but the way I like to make my Kao Poon is to add quail eggs, baby corn, bamboo and pork blood cubes infused in a shredded Chicken stock broth.  Another style of Kao Poon is called Kao Poon Nam Pa. This is like a Fish Sauce version. In this version what’s common are pork intestines and the broth is usually consist of a fish stock.  Base on your tasting preference, they are all very tasty.

Image below is the Kao Poon Nam Prik that I made.

The secret to an amazing Papaya Salad, Laos Style?


Everyone is dying for the best papaya salad!  There are so many ways you can make them, some prefer it w/ grilled shrimps or dried shrimps and some just like it bland or very rich in flavors. I like my papaya salad however w. pickled crab and some shrimp paste!  The secret?  Well it all depends on your taste buds, but my secret is the pa dack (Pickled fish sauce) and some hint of tamarind..yes yes, that’s right! TAMARIND!!! I also love to use cherry tomatoes vs. regular onces, bring in a great flavor.  Hehe I’ll just stop here before I let out too much of my secret recipe!

I made me some Papaya Salad; pictured below and it was completely gone withing 5 mins..Yummy!

Tum Kao Poon (Laotian noodle salad)

Had you ever had Tum Kao Poon?

It’s just like papaya salad minus the papaya.  It is one of my favavorite dishes. I love my Tum Kao Poon w. bamboo and pickled crab. This this is paired perfectly w. Pork rinds, Laotian Sausages and Beef Jerky. I also find it amazing with some Mok Gai (Steamed Chicken) and Sticky Rice.

Whats the secret Ingredients?

Home made Pa dack (pickled fish sauce) sauce w/ chunks of pineapple and pickled crab.

My Famous Tum Kao Poon

Dog Rescue Dog

Heartwarming to see this! A dog risking his life to safe an injured dog on a busy road! Amazing!


My Papaya salad..yummy

Made me some papaya salad with pork rinds and beef jerky..That hit the spot!

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